Protecting Water for Future Generations

Riparian Restoration

Do you have property adjacent to a river or stream? The Upper Willamette SWCD can assist you to restore or enhance the riparian habitat to create a fully functioning riparian, which is essential for water quality and healthy fish. District staff will work with you to develop a plan that includes removal of invasive species and installation of native trees and shrubs that provide shade for cooling water temperatives and habitat for insects for fish nutrition. The District staff will also work to find funding opportunities for projects to reduce the financial costs associated with your project. Contact Us for more information.

Water Quality

One focus for the Upper Willamette SWCD is to address water quality concerns as it relates to humans, fish, habitats and agriculture. The UWSWCD partners with many types of organizations to protect water quality. The Voluntary Incentives program (VIP) is an example of the UWSWCD collaborative efforts to protect and restore water quality.

Drinking Water

The Upper Willamette SWCD partners with the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to provide technical assistance to landowners residing within the states’ designated Groundwater Management Area to address ground water quality affected by high levels of nitrates.

Fish and Habitat

The District staff works with near-stream landowners to enhance riparian areas by installing native trees to provide stream shade, and native shrubs to provide habitat for insects to enhance the aquatic food supply. The District staff also conducts in-stream fish habitat projects such as large wood and boulder placement, as well as culvert replacement to increase stream passage.


In conjunction with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the Upper Willamette SWCD office serves as the Local Management Agency for the Agricultural Water Quality Area Management Plan. These plans are developed by agricultural representatives to demonstrate how agriculture is addressing water quality concerns that arise from agricultural activities conducted on their land. These plans are the agricultural sector’s response to the Clean Water Act. District staff provide landowners technical assistance and administrative support to the two local advisory committees designated in the District’s boundaries.


If you are interested in more information about implementing projects, project funding opportunities or addressing resource concerns for your property, please contact the District staff.

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As a conservation district, UWSWCD is a 170(c)1 Organization and can accept tax deductible donations to assist in conservation efforts, education outreach, riparian restoration, improving crop land and restoring wildlife habitat.

Donations of cash, checks or money orders are always accepted and greatly appreciated to help us succeed with our goals.


Checks can be made payable to UWSWCD and mailed to our office, or through PayPal.

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